RFP: Audiovisual Assistance

February 15, 2019

SJC Emergency Medical Services Conference Room A/V Upgrade


Sponsoring Agency: San Juan County Public Hospital District No. 1 (SJCPHD #1)

Contact: Superintendent Pamela Hutchins – P.O. Box 370 Friday Harbor, WA 98250

This project will require the contractor to evaluate the site and we invite interested parties to contact us. For questions or additional pictures please call 360-378-2857 or email at hutchins@sjcphd1.org [Note: Off-island contractors may base their proposal on pictures. We are happy to send additional pictures and provide explanations.The District is willing to pay for on-site evaluation as part of an accepted proposal and recognizes the additional cost this will incur.]

The Board hopes to decide on contractor at the February 27, 2019 Board meeting.

Project Description: SJCPHD #1 manages two levies on behalf of the public: a levy that subsidizes Peace Island Medical Center, and a levy that supports San Juan Island Emergency Medical Services. A governance Board of five members meets once or twice a month to provide oversight of these public services. Board meetings are held at the Frank Wilson Memorial EMS Building which needs an overhaul of its audio-visual equipment to be used for these meetings.

Project Goals

The goals of this project primarily include

  • Ensuring that members of the public can hear meeting participants, and that commissioners can more easily hear each other and the public.
  • Meeting audio is recorded, and it is hoped that the improved audio will make that audio clearer and more accessible. Installed equipment should not cause interference.
  • This is primarily an audio issue, but we are interested in what it would take to also record meetings with a video camera.
  • The installed equipment should preferably be transferable to our alternate meeting site.
  • Installation should emphasize ease of use and reliability over the inclusion of many features.

The Frank Wilson Memorial EMS Building does have some equipment installed which dates to its construction in 2012 but we have had trouble with it. Quality teleconferencing equipment exists, including a Polycom video camera and large TV monitor. Potentially that equipment may be made to function for District needs in the context we require it.

Scope of Work

This project is modest in size. The contractor will need to assess the site and existing assets and make a proposal to the Board and/or the Superintendent. It likely will involve the installation of speakers and microphones which should be transferable, as well as training. It may involve the repair or modification of existing equipment.

Contractor will need to be able to meet deadlines to avoid requiring a special Board meeting. This will mean getting necessary approvals for the following month by each month’s regular Board meeting, (which is every 4th Wednesday).

Target Deliverable Schedule

This project should be completed by May 31, 2019, with a preference for completion by April 30, 2019.

February 27, 2019:         Board to choose contractor

March 27, 2019:              Board to approve plan

May 31, 2019:                  All work to be completed

If this date needs to be adjusted, please include your readjusted proposed date, as well as your reasoning for shifting the schedule. All proposed date changes will be considered.

Existing Technical Issues

The Frank Wilson Memorial EMS Building does have speakers installed in the ceiling. We have been unable to locate the amplifier. The District purchased microphones, but the speakers timed out after about 30 minutes. The District purchased microphones, which connect through wall jack to ceiling speakers, but the speakers timed out after about 30 minutes or so.

It is possible that a qualified A/V technician may be able to repair and make function the existing A/V array and assist the District in purchasing a microphone set.

Budget Constraints

This project cannot exceed $3,000 and will require Board approval. The Board takes seriously any expenditure of public funds.

Evaluation Metrics

The District and the Board will evaluate bidders and proposals based primarily on the following criteria:

  • Previous experience and past performance history
  • Projected costs
  • Experience and technical expertise
  • Timeliness
  • References and/or past project history

Contractor may propose a few different solutions with varying costs.

Submission Requirements

The District would like any interested applicants to contact the office at the information atop this request. An informal evaluation of the site in-person or through pictures will need to take place before filing a proposal.

Proposal may be submitted in person, by mail, or by email. It need not meet any formal criteria except that it explains what the contractor plans to do to approach the project and find solutions. It should explain cost estimates and express a willingness to deal with the Board schedule.

Proposals should be received by the District before February 27, 2019. Bidders who are interested in submitting a proposal should inform Superintendent Pamela Hutchins (hutchins@sjcphd1.org). Questions welcome.