Left to Right: Mark Schwinge, Warren Appleton, Rebecca Smith, Anna Lisa Lindstrum, and Michael Edwards.  Photo courtesy of the Island Guardian. 

Two board vacancies were created by the resignations of Commissioner Williams (effective 1/24/2018) and Commissioner Harrington (effective 1/25/2018). Position 5 was filled in a special meeting on 2/8/2018 by Rebecca Smith, and position 3 was filled on 2/28/18 by Warren Appleton. Appointed commissioners will serve through 2019. 

Position 1: Mark Schwinge, PhD
Board Commissioner (next election: 2019; term ending: 2019)
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Position 2: Anna Lisa Lindstrum
Board Secretary/Financial Advisor, Board Commissioner (next election: 2023; term ending: 2023)
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Position 3: Warren Appleton, MD, JD
Appointed Board Commissioner (Next election: 2019; term ending 2021)
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Position 4: J. Michael Edwards, DDS, MD, FACS
Chairman, Board Commissioner (next election: 2019; term ending 2023)
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Position 5: Rebecca Smith
Appointed Board Commissioner (Next election: 2019; Term ending 2021)
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Contact info for office staff available on the “Contact Us” page.



There will be four positions open for election in 2019 because two commissioners resigned. The SJC Elections Office maintains an official list here, then click “hospital district.”

You will note that some offices have a different date listed for “next election” and “term ending.” That is because the commissioner is either appointed (and thus limited to a two year term unless nobody contests the position in 2019) or filling a position for which no candidate was both elected and legally took office (in which case the incumbent retains his seat for two years).

If in 2019 a candidate is elected and takes office for one of these positions, they will serve until the listed “term ending” date — i.e. whatever unexpired term remains. For example, if a candidate running for position 3 or 5 is elected in 2019, he will serve a two-year unexpired term. If in 2019 a candidate is elected for position 4, he will serve a 4-year unexpired term.

Please contact the Elections Office at 360-378-3357 if you have questions or the SJCPHD #1 Office at 360-378-2857.